GPS Tracking

PTS Bullseye

  • For Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and more!

  • 4G LTE IP65 Cat-M1 GPS Gateway

  • Ignition + 1 Input (i.e. PTO, meter)

  • Optional Starter Kill/Relay Control

  • "Harsh Driving" Sensors

PTS Scout

  • For OBD-II Vehicles (96 and up)

  • 4G LTE OBD-II GPS Gateway

  • Vehicle Odometer & Diag Info

  • Hide-Away Install w/ Harness

  • Optional BLE Connectivity

PTS Recon

  • For Rugged or Outdoor applications

  • 4G LTE IP68 Rugged GPS Gateway

  • Wake-on-Motion Reporting

  • I/O Monitoring & Optional BLE sensors

  • High-Capacity Internal Backup Battery


  • For Any Vehicle w/ a Driver!

  • 4G LTE HD Roadview mDVR

  • Available ADAS w/ In-Cabin Alerts

  • Optional Int/Ext Cam and/or Driver AI

  • Dual Secure SD Cards (Max 256GB/ea)