TERP Reporting

Since 2011, Precision Tracking Solutions (PTS) has been a proud solutions provider for clients of the

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)'s Texas Emission Reduction Plan (TERP) program.

These programs aim to significantly reduce environmental exhaust emissions from commercial vehicles and equipment, in key areas of Texas. These grant programs provide vital funding for Texas businesses of all types and sizes, representing a wide variety of industries, to replace older, less efficient vehicles and equipment with newer, cleaner options. PTS has been the sole-source provider of proprietary device scripting and customized usage reports, developed specifically for TERP grant recipients, since 2011.

We work directly with grant recipients to manage, audit, and submit our customized usage reports to the TCEQ, in a simple, turn-key manner. PTS simplifies the client's reporting process, insuring accuracy and timely submission.

For more information or to request a program demo, please contact us at :
888.987.8722 | info@ptsiot.com