Precision Tracking Solutions is a NTX-based provider of GPS tracking & Mobile DVR systems, vehicle & driver safety, productivity solutions, and professional installation services.

We service all types of vehicles, low-voltage systems, and non-powered assets!

On-site, takedown, and early AM/after-hours installation, user training, and roll-out services available!

Dash Cams & Mobile DVR

PTS is your HD 'eyes on the road'!

We offer a variety of connected dash cams and mobile DVR systems. With systems for up to 8 HD cameras, we have a solution for everyone!

Even a basic roadview cam can save you thousands $$$!

  • Know what happened - HD video in real time. Even in the dark.

  • Notifications and alerts - Know what's happening, right now.

  • Built-in GPS Tracking - Live and historical location and speed.

  • Customized reports - Mileage, hours, idle time... You name it.

  • Maintenance reminders - Create schedules, keep records and more.

  • Build your system - Something simple? Not-so-simple? No sweat.

Mobile DVR protects you!

Get it all on video, just in case!

Just a few seconds of video at the right time can save you thousands! Reduce liability, avoid unnecessary settlements, and deductibles. Find coaching opportunities for your drivers, and 'weed out' the bad ones, before something bad happens!

Know more. Do more. Now.

Guessing is hard. Knowing is easy.

Ever wondered what happened? Driver forgot to log their mileage? Where the heck is my driver?! It's been HOW LONG since the last oil change?!?

We can help with that. No guesswork needed.